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Jun 15, 2010

Still Semi-Conscious

And I'm still unmedicated, but will soon remedy that and wind down. The day's stresses are still seeking an outlet so I shall post until the dials go back under eleven.

I think Etheridge is the worst sort of age-ist. You know he treated those college men the way he did because he disrespected their youth. That kind of shittiness from good ol' boy patriarchs makes for the great "authentic" Southern voice in the memoirs of the sons of the South. I half expect Vman to weigh in with wistful anecdotes. I also wonder if Etheridge's grown kids saw the video and nodded in sad understanding of the heavy hand. That all came too quick and natural for the man. He got shook like a seltzer bottle and what is really inside him came out under the pressure.


I stole this pic from Westsound Modern (where Morgan makes a brilliant observation in the comments) because I think it to be the perfect summary of Obama the man: juvenile, and tremendously able to suck at every opportunity, Mr. I can't suck it all up with a straw. Well, he could try.

Okay, I now have a drink that would knock Obama on his ass. (It's helping, Fran, honest!)


One other thing I heard on Bob&Tom this morning: it costs 5 cents to make a dime, and it costs 10 cents to make a nickel. Seizing opportunity, Obama has ordered the making of 350 million nickels in order to stimulate the economy. I LoL'd.

Stream of Semi-Consciousness

So some of you fessed up to never having anything in draft form for publication, but you just "put it out there, stream of consciousness."

However, being the smallest of eight kids has left me with an inevitable reticence to just spout things and await the avalanche of naysaying comments, derision, scoffing and torment.

And like you, my mind ain't right-- and nobody needs to see it naked.

But if I did drop another fan in my dance, it might look like this:

Man, the 8'oclock drivers are way better than the government worker and lawyer 9'oclock drivers. They are faster, more focused and know what lane they want. I've always maintained that who we really are is who we are when alone in our car. Me, I'm a director: "You there! You are too timid to be out on the streets at this hour!! Go home and collect yourself, sir, and come back when the soccer moms are out and about yammering on their phones and ignoring back-seat demon-spawn. That would be more your speed!"

If a town could be measured in assholery by the sheer number of BMWs on its streets, Charleston takes the prize. If a town could be measured for pretentiousness by the number of bow-ties and seersucker (I LOVE that word!) suits, Chucktown would take the prize just as soon as it can stop looking at itself in the mirror. South Carolina men all sound a bit gay as they lisp through their drawling take on the English language. That's why all the NASCAR guys sound so gay. It really is how most men around here talk. Like Nicki Haley's accuser with the bad rug and lisping drawl. . . just. . . no.

Dear sweet Lord, it's only a blog, not a Statement of Intent for Life Itself. Some bloggers get all sniffy about disclaimers and comments and rules and etiquette about never changing or editing content or comments or whatever stick-up-the-ass thing they can conjure. And it's not the basic "please don't sue me" paranoia we all feel at times, but it's the "my words are my sacred bond with the Internet. I value them more than life itself. I will ever be true to this medium and promise never to sully it with late, unannotated edits, fits of pissiness and deleted comments. All corrections will be a remorseful acknowledgment of my failure as a human encyclopedia and will be duly noted with parenthetical, pathetic attempts at integrity." Feh.

What the Hell was that sound? It sounds like someone sledgehammered the wall. Crap! That's the third garden hose in a month that has exploded from the water pressure. Charleston Public Works has got the whole water pressure situation nicely arranged. While it does concern me about hoses and my inability to remember to turn off the spigot, it does make for wonderful showers in the morning.

I have been late for work because of trying to write and publish before I could look it over. I have very little time to write and when I do I type furiously and madly, like now at 8:45 a.m. while running outside to stem the gushing tide of water threatening to was my Apocalypse ride into the side trenches of the yard. Yes, trenches for rainfall runoff. And open trenches along the street where drunks routinely miss their driveway at 3:00 a.m. The gravel business in Chucktown is where the money is at because this neighborhood is so old that trenches seemed a good idea to the town fathers of engineering.

And while I'm at it, I was still considering last night, upon my pillow, that we think we're all so civilized or not based on who threatens, or helps, or supports or denies or politely asks or demands whatever of whomever. But the Whole Truth, the Abiding Principle of Civilization is Water and Sewage Management. I was serious about this way back when I first started this blog and have seen precious little out there to disabuse me of this view. We could live quite handily for quite a while without electricity, but the plumbing and water logistic is the back-breaker, the last, tenuous hold on civic order. Come what may, without sanitary input and disposal of life's most basic need, we're all animals.

And if everybody is "okay," you, me, bi-polar bears, communists, transgendereds, anti-Semites and the terrorists, (but NOT Christians!! fuck them) then why do we still have psychiatrists? Is the "science" settled to a point where everything is permissible, understandable, and perfectly reasonable or at least blame-shiftable? If so, why do we have prisons? Or cops? Or judges?

And now I'm late for work.

Oct 6, 2009


Exactly how many times can a guy watch, The Fifth Element?

I mean, I love that movie, but, I'm just asking. . .

Jun 11, 2009


As if you needed any further evidence that They derive all pleasure in life from the simple need to be perceived as good. No other power on Earth is so terrifying. Not even *gasp!* capitalism:

What's funny is that in Third World countries you'd have the garbage pickers' union (yes, for real) levy a fine against you for sorting your own trash.

h/t Cobb.

Apr 23, 2009

Paper Dragons

Information overload.

Papers and dockets and folders and paperclips and staples and envelopes and faxes and stamps and labels and papers and books and reviews and bills and copies and paper and files and computers and files and . . .

It makes me wonder how important it all really is. I would not take away one iota of human pathos from the tragedy of 9/11, but I do ponder what happened to all of the all-important notarized, certified, sealed, stamped and registered information that disappeared on that day.

I've tried to find some story, any story of someone somewhere whose life was discomfited in some significant way by the loss of an important original document in that awe-ful event.


And if not? What the hell are we doing, slaying paper dragons, day in and day out?

Oh right. To keep the IRS off our backs.

Feb 3, 2009


87.3% I'll take it, considering I just started studying a week ago, while packing and moving.

Thanks for all of your good thoughts and prayers. *mwuah!*

Gah, the pic they took of me for my license. Ugh.

Oct 2, 2008

Good Catholic Girls Don't Do Drugs

So, yeah, I'm no good at this, "wow, my head is so huge, and so far away from my hands," type of stuff too well. Freaking me out. Drugs are wasted on the wrong people I guess, cuz this stuff is not fun. I shoulda practiced more when I was younger, but, as the title of this post suggests, I never was a part of that scene. Thank God.

Of course, the JR being raised a Good Baptist Boy, means we became Episcopalians.

At the hospital they asked me what faith I preferred, and I told them, Catholic. Hey, when it's serious enough for a hospital stay, I don't want some woman-priest spouting New Age Deepak at me.

Wow, my ears are really ringing. Seriously, how do people enjoy drugs? I can barely tpye.

I must be hallucinating because I just heard that the No Banker Left Behind Act (I read that somewhere this morning, somewhere, heh) has provisions for wooden arrows and firewater. Are they expecting another uprising?

Sep 7, 2008

The World Will End on Wednesday

This is why I can't blog anymore... because the following is what my brain is full of:

The world will end on Wednesday, before your second cup of coffee. Discuss.

Sarah Palin is a woman who said "No," to Republican suitors seeking her endorsement in the primaries. Twice. I think there is nothing so alluring about a woman as a bit of reticence and mystery. Take note, young teenage tramps who advertise, "bootylicious" across your butts. The boys'll come-a-running, but they won't ask you for a commitment.

I think Palin's chary reluctance drove McCain to exasperation and a second look. And a proposal.


I think this comment, left on a blog I enjoy, is astute; your mileage may vary:

I think McCain revealed this last night at the end of his speech. He admitted he was all about himself, a self-created man. But it took great pain, failure, brokenness for him to live for something outside himself.

IMO the failure of the Left is they are forever unwilling to actually suffer to reach that place and you do NOT reach that place without suffering. The Left via their witchcraft will make everyone else suffer so they can reach that place. That is why all their Utopias end in OTHERS the truckloads.

If dealerships that sell luxury vehicles were allowed to serve alcoholic libations on-site, buyers would instantly be a happier, much more sophisticated clientele, who could convince themselves of their superior choice. Much like buying B-grade art. It doesn't happen without alcohol.


This is the most intelligent, funny 42 minutes i've enjoyed since Sarah Palin's speech. plus, Nathan Fillion can sing. Who knew? (Thanks, Tanya!)


I think that the phrasing of, "Attention Deficit Disorder" is really a reflexive of the true problem: A lack of interest in the immediate world that comes at us in sound bites, 3-second images, shallow observations, and instant emotional gratification. Ergo, you are the most interesting thing in my world for the next 3 seconds. Make it count, or I'm moving on.

Schools and teachers have only exacerbated this problem by emulating the television. Kids are smarter than all of it. They are not paying attention because they've already seen the Readers Digest MTV version of life and it bores them. Give them a problem that can't be solved in 30 minutes, explained in 90 seconds, or erased with a Tide Pen, and watch them focus.


I never buy Nutella except when my DIL is in town. Nutella is evil. I must have it! No! It has me.


I think Jimbo has a fine hobby.


Oh! A shiny object!....
Over there! ....


Update already: Hating Sarah Palin is a Disease. And he has the cure. Seriously!